UPS is known for being a package delivery company. However, the company also thinks of itself as a technology company. This is one of the reasons why the company is entering a new phase of their delivery system. The company is introducing the use of Bluetooth-enabled beacons.

With the use of beacons, the company is introducing a new program called Preload Smart Scan. Under this system, delivery drivers make use of scanners to read package labels connected via Bluetooth with beacons. The beacons go off in case the label on the package does not match the truck route.

Preload Smart Scan

The company is installing Bluetooth-enabled beacons on their trucks to avoid packages of being packed into the wrong vehicle. In fact, UPS is applying for a patent on this system. By making use of beacons the company hopes to optimize their delivery system. The use of beacons in their “Preload Smart Scan” system will communicate via Bluetooth with the scanners used by the company´s employees when loading packages onto the trucks.

This system helps to reduce errors, as it will indicate where each package belongs on the truck based on the driver’s route. Moreover, in case that a package goes into the wrong vehicle the beacon can detect the problem. The beacon will then notify the worker that is loading the package. Due to this, the worker can offload the package from this truck and put it into the correct truck.

John Dodero, the company’s vice president of industrial engineering says the following about the system:

“This is an important step toward improving accuracy in our operation. It raises the level of service we provide to our customers. It also makes us more efficient and generates valuable cost savings.”

With the use of this system, the company is expected to reduce 70% of their misses. Furthermore, this system will be introduced in 301 of the U.S locations this year. Reaching 28% of the shipper’s U.S facilities and 47% of U.S package vehicles. It can be said that this will upgrade the package delivery system to a whole new level.