The Jhalawar district in India is planning to launch a ¨Smart Tourism Mobile app¨ named Lezgo. This app was developed by Sohamsaa Systems Private Limited in partnership with the local government of this district. With the introduction of this app, they hope to provide the tourist with complete information about the tourist site once they reach it.

Lezgo App

The Lezgo app will provide all the tourists of the district with all the information they need about the tourist site that they are visiting. Furthermore, the district tourist officer Sajid Qureshi also says that the app with providing information about tourist spots such as Gagron Fort, Sun Temple, Atishaya Temple, Buddhist caves of Kolvi and Vinayaka, Government Museum, Bhawani Natyashala and other famous tourist sites in the district of Jhalawar.

As said by the Deputy Director, Department of Information and Technology, Jhalawar, RS Bairwa:

“A small Bluetooth-enabled hardware device, called iBeacon, has been set up at 15 tourist places in Jhalawar. When a tourist who has the lezgo app installed on his or her smartphone reaches a site with iBeacon, it automatically pairs itself with the tourist’s smartphone through Bluetooth and gives information about the spot.”

Functioning of the Lezgo App

The tourist will be able to download the app on their mobile device. Furthermore, the application will receive information through the beacons that have been installed at the 15 tourist places in the district of Jhalawar. This will enable the tourist to receive information about the tourist site. In fact, the tourist will be able to receive details about the cities, places and attractions.

As said by the district collector, Jitendra Kumar Soni:

“Information ranging from details about cities, places and attractions, text with pictures and cultural stories, audio streams, interactive fun and other features will be displayed on the smartphone without any charges.”

The use of this app is aimed to help tourists get detailed information about the tourist spot that they are visiting. This will be very useful for the tourist as not every tourist site has guides. Furthermore, the app is targeting both domestic and international tourists that come to Jhalawar every year.  Moreover, the app also aims to take care of the tourists.

This application has an integrated SOS function, which can be used by tourists in case they face any problem or danger.

The use of this application can be useful for the tourist as they are able to access all the needed information on their mobile device. This makes it easier for the tourist to look up the needed information about the tourist site. Furthermore, it also provides the tourist the opportunity to look up for the information that they are most interested in.