Ted Baker is a global fashion retailer. To improve its communication with customers, the brand opted for trial beacon technology in its store in Westfield London White City. The fashion brand opted to install beacons in the store’s mannequins.

Beacons in Ted Baker’s Store

The fashion brand, Ted Baker installed beacons in its Westfield White City shop in London. The beacons were placed in the store’s mannequins. The beacons were installed in the store’s mannequins to enable communication improvement with customers. By having beacons, the fashion brand is able to communicate with its customers during their in-store shopping journey.

Customers that enter the brand’s store and already downloaded the brand’s mobile application are able to receive push notifications. With these push notifications, customers are able to easily access the links and get information about the items. Furthermore, customers can opt to purchase the items directly on the brand’s website or find their location in the store. With this feature, the brand is adding to the in-store experience of the customer. Customers can easily find the item that they have seen on the mannequin and order it online in case they want to have it delivered at home.

Helping Customers With Beacons

Furthermore, due to the use of beacons customers will be able to receive more detailed information and photos of the items. Customers can use this information to create lookbooks, share fashion inspiration with friends or have access to additional offers and rewards.

According to Scott Taylor, the CRM Manager at Ted Baker:

“Our customers are at the core of everything we do and we strive to ensure that their shopping experience is as seamless and engaging as possible. We believe that shoppers want to be able to access the latest technology and use their smartphones while in store, and this new venture will enable us to build on and enhance our customer journey. From today, we’re launching this new technology in our Westfield White City store, with further rollout planned in the near future.”

By implementing the use of beacon technology, the brand is helping customers to navigate the store. Furthermore, customers have an easier access to the information they need about the items and can access it on their mobile device. This can help decrease levels of irritation experienced by customers as they don’t need to wait for someone to help them. On the overall, this can add to the customer experience and make it a more pleasant trip to the Ted Baker store.