Companies have been using Beacons for many different purposes and in different industries. Over the past few years, use of Beacons has expanded into different industries. Examples of their use can be found in retail, sports venues, grocery, events, travel, hospitality museums and etc. Many companies operating with this technology have been able to see increased in-app engagement.

Smart Navigation Systems

Smart Navigation Systems is a startup company founded in the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded by Mustafa Almusawa Alhashemi, who is a geographical information science professional. The founder has an unprecedented experience record, a broad skill set, and strong initiative.

Digital Wavefront

The company has created TravelTag, a luggage tracking app for iOS and Android. It sends notifications to the users when their bag(s) arrive at the luggage belt. The main aim of this app is to transform the customer experience and eliminate the dreadful waiting process. This app is a great example of how technology is being focused more on the customer experience.

TravelTag is based on a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE for short. Once the App on your phone detects the BLE Beacon it notifies you when you’re in proximity of the bag/beacon. The advantage of having this over traditional Bluetooth is that (1) It doesn’t have to be paired, (2) It works up to 230 feet, and (3) the battery typically lasts for three to four years.

What makes this app innovative, is that the system that is being used was built and based on an innovative use-case. It works to solve a universal problem faced by passengers in every corner of the world.

The main aim that the company has this app is to solve the last mile issue faced by travelers. It aims to offer a better experience for anyone that has checked their luggage and provide them with a happy landing. The app can be seen as the travel gadget of the future. It aims to bring even more features and tighter integration with airline systems over time. In the meantime, it offers contact info for most major airlines within the app. So, in the event your bags don’t arrive at their destination, at least you don’t have to go looking for airline’s contact info.

Accuracy of the Technology

Beacons are proven to have better indoor location functionality than GPS. Furthermore, when comparing this technology with RFID and NFC, beacons require Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and location services – both available on modern smartphones. Besides, the use of this technology does not require any special user action. So, there is no swiping, scanning or tapping.

The technology works as far away as 200 ft helping passengers pick up their bags without being tethered to the baggage carousel. This makes it transparent, non-intrusive and highly effective for its intended purpose.

TravelTag is another amazing example of how Beacons are being used to solve everyday problems faced by travelers.

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