Can you imagine sitting at the bar and the bartender knows exactly when to refill your glass? Well, this far imagined concept is now made reality due to the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has served as base for the introduction of iBeacon technology. This on its own hand has allowed the developed of this smart ice cube.

Smart Ice Cube

MARTINI, the world’s leading vermouth, and best sparkling wine maker trialed the MARTINI Smart Cube. The concept behind the invention of the Smart Cube is very simple. When serving the drink, the barman places an ice-cubed shaped device into the customer’s drink. This device is 3D printed and bobs around in the glass until the drink is finished. When the device recognizes that there is a lack of liquid in the glass it alerts the bar staff. By alerting the bar staff, the device is ordering a fresh glass for the customer.

The Smart Ice Cube device is developed with the use of iBeacon technology. Therefore, the sensor in the device recognizes when it is no longer submerged in liquid. As soon as the sensor senses this, it is triggered to order a new drink for the customer. Furthermore, this device also makes use of Aerogel. This technology that is built by Nasa, allows the temperature of the cube to be kept cool.

The use of the smart ice cube, also informs the bartender how far your drink from the bar. This will allow them to deliver your drink without fuss. As the drink order is automatically sent to the bar ordering system with the use of an iPad Pro, the bar staff knows immediately where the drinks need to be delivered. Furthermore, in the future MARTINI hopes to expand the features offered by the ice cube. The company wants the features of this device to go further than just pleasing the crowd. In the near future, MARTINI hopes to introduce a tracking alcohol consumption to the device. This would enable consumers to be aware of their alcohol consumption.