The US brewery Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, Missouri has installed BLE beacons. The use of this technology is now enabling drinkers to receive information about the beers on their smartphones.

BLE Beacons are Providing Drinkers With Information

Due to the use of BLE beacons, drinkers can request information about the beer on their smartphone. This makes it easier to access information about special drinks, tasting notes, new beer releases and also to receive customized campaigns.

To make the usage of BLE beacons on the beer taps possible, the brewery partnered with Juxtad. This beacon marketing platform company installed more than 50 Tap Talker beacons in the different locations across St.Louis. In fact, the messages sent by the beacons should be decoded on the smartphone with the use of the Schlafly mobile app.

We believe this will be a game changer for the beer industry,” says Schlafly Beer CEO James Pendegraft. “Whereas most beer brands hope to connect with consumers through traditional marketing tactics such as advertising, social media or experiential events, we can now take the consumer experience a step further.”

The usage of beacons by Schlafly Beer shows that beacons can be used for yet another purpose. In fact, the use of beacons on beer taps can help drinkers to seek information about beers. Furthermore, this makes it easier for them to access information about the drink and have in depth information of what they are consuming. This can enhance the experience of the drinker and provide them with better details. Moreover, this also makes it easier for the bartender as they do not need to provide this information.