The Travlr by Samsonite app will work with beacons that can be built into Samsonite Track&Go suitcases.   The beacons, built by Accent Systems, will be among the first to use Google’s recently launched frame Ephemeral Identifiers (EIDs), a frame from Eddystone. EID is particularly private and secure and it allows suitcases to be easily and privately tracked by its owner.

Their Travlr app was launched last year and helps travelers with flight tracking, tips and reminders. With this new feature they can see if their suitcase is within about 70 meters and know if it is moving closer or further away. It is meant to help them especially when they are waiting to pick up their luggage after a flight. The coolest feature is that if you lose a suitcase and other people with the Travlr app are nearby, it will send you a notification with location and time details of your suitcase. They plan to launch in the European market at the end of 2016.