SAIL Amsterdam attracted 2.3 million visitors in five days. With this massive audience, the inBeacon platform generated 8,622,816 interactions. 71,863 notifications were sent to visitors on information about ships and promotional offers. 22% of the visitors opened the message immediately. Visitors would hear a ship’s horn on their smartphone when one of the tall ships was close to them. They could get all the info about the ship without an internet connection. Shops could also send vouchers for nearby shoppers that would last up to 30 minutes. They even had a live dashboard giving info on visitor flows.

One of the main innovations was that they used long-range beacons – with a range of roughly 300 meters, they reach much farther than most beacon manufacturers. With the new BLE standards from Bluetooth SIG allowing even more range, this could potentially be expanding even more in the coming years. inBeacon learned from their experience in 2015 and are looking how they can further develop their platform for 2017.

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