Imagine being compensated by your insurance company each month in case you were a good driver. Well, good news it is actually possible.ChilliDrive is an app used in Northern Ireland and the broader UK market which makes this possible. All you need is a device that helps you monitor your driving patterns and a car insurance that is willing to do it.

Autoline Insurance Group has launched this project. This is a group of fast growing financial service companies that offer a broad range of insurance, mortgage, and financial products. Their iBKS beacon device, helps the company track all their driver’s journey. This device is placed in the car and paired with the ChillDrive app.

It helps to monitor the client’s driving behavior and tracks on how well they drive. The main aim is to reward the driver based on their good driving skills. Basically, the better they drive the lower their premiums are.

The beacon informs the smartphone on when the driver gets in the car and it starts measuring the driving in factors such as smoothness, anticipation, cornering and speed. After each journey, the driver will be provided with a score on their driving skills.

Autoline has firstly introduced beacons to their clients in August 2015. Now, the company has more than 3750 of their iBKS 105 beacons spread all around the UK.
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