A very interesting use case from earlier this year comes from Red Bull and included Estimote’s stickers on a designer bracelet for clubbing. At the two days of the Amsterdam Dance Event, they gave away 900 of these Bluetooth beacon stickers to guests. Guest’s movements, energy levels, and even the temperature were measured and this data was then visualized in a pretty awesome way in what they called the “Overdrive Room”. Based on the current data from the beacons on guests’ wrists in the club, in this room different colored lights would come on, scents would be diffused, and a 4D sound system was used to display the data in sound too.

Beyond this room, guest’s individual data was collected and at the end of the night displayed on cool swag for them – including a scarf for a small selection of VIP attendees who had the entire event knitted into it. Data, thanks to the beacons and a team of scientists from Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, was not just used to improve the experience by event planners next time – it was used in a powerfully visible way during and directly afterward to make the night impossible to forget.

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