Parents are often worried about their children and seek ways in which they can feel more reassured about their child’s security. Driven by this concern, the CEO of SNS startup Mustafa Almusawa saw this social need and found the right way to address it. The company’s goal is to make parents feel confident about the security of their children.

The School Bus Application

The idea behind the school bus application is centered around actual parents’ needs. With this application, the CEO wanted to find a real-time tracking solution for worried parents. As a result, the application is beneficial to both parents and school administration. The app allows parents to view the exact location of the school bus at all times. Moreover, it helps in the administration for the school. As they are able to manage the routes and drivers.

The Use of the Application for Parents

Parents only need to download the application to their mobile devices to track the bus and get notifications. The application allows to follow real-time bus movements along the route and inform parents when the bus arrives at school. When the bus is approaching a bus stop which is nearest to a child’s home address, the parent receives a message about the bus coming. This way children don’t need to waste any extra time waiting at the bus stop. This makes the process of sending children to school time-efficient. Furthermore, it also helps parents to feel more confident about their children getting to school safely.

The Use of the Application for Bus Drivers

The driver application can be installed to driver’s mobile device equipped with GPS tracking and 3G connection.  This allows the bus driver to get the optimal route with bus stops projected next to students’ addresses. At the same time, the driver has access to traffic information and school location. The route is automatically modified if certain students are absent from school. Real-time detection of the students present on the bus is made possible by Bluetooth scanning of iBeacons that students carry in their school bags. If any of the children are left on the bus upon arrival at school, the driver can immediately contact their parents through the application.

The Use of the Application for School

Our School Bus application is also an added value for schools that choose to adopt the system. The school administrator can manage all the buses and routes through the control panel. The system allows to manage the database of drivers, parents, and students, create and modify bus routes with bus stops automatically generated next to students’ home addresses, provide drivers with the fastest way to pick up students and see at any time which students are on the bus with the help of iBeacon technology.

This application responds to users’ needs around the world, as it improves the communication between parents, drivers and school administration. To appeal to a wider audience, the company has developed native applications both for iOS and Android platforms.