Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a museum dedicated to sharing the power of science and is located in Miami. This museum has a mission to inspire and connect people from all different ages and backgrounds and ultimately enable them to enjoy science and technology.

Introduction of a Mobile App

The museum has recently introduced a mobile application that is all available for the visitors. With the use of this app, the visitor is able to enhance their museum experience. This enables the participation in interactive scavenger hunts across the campus and earning digital badges.

Moreover, visitors of the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum are also able to unlock curated exhibit content with the use of this app. Visitors can now get access to science stories, audio, video clips, research and more. All these features are enabled due to the use of iBeacon technology. The use of iBeacon technology also enables the visitor to make use of indoor navigation. This allows the visitor to locate themselves on the map and find their way to the desired location in the museum. The Frost Science’s mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users.

The use of beacons in museums increases the interaction with the visitors and therefore makes it more fun. This development is a good way to keep the younger public interested in science and technology. Moreover, it includes many possibilities to the visitor as they can unlock different content by making use of the app.

The use of beacons in museums is an upcoming development. If you are interested in reading about more museums that make use of this technology, read more here.