It can often happen that you lose your pet and even if they have a microchip, it can be difficult to find them back. An Estonian startup, called PetWorld Global launched an app that helps pet owners to identify their lost pets.

Reuniting Pets With Their Owners

The company founder, Monika Laneman came up with the idea for this app after losing her own dogs in Italy. Despite the fact that her dogs were microchipped in Estonia, this did not help. This comes due to the fact that microchips are only registered in the country of origin. After she was able to find her dogs, she decided to work towards a global solution for this problem.

As said by Monika Laneman, the company founder:

“Dog identification microchips are only registered in the country of origin which in my case was Estonia. Luckily my dogs were found with the help of the local police. But it made me wonder why there is not a global identification system that can quickly and efficiently locate the owners of lost pets regardless of what country you are in.”

How the App Functions

The use of this app enables the dog owner to track its pet and find it more easily. To enable the PetFinder Global app to function, the owner needs to register their pet on the company’s website. Besides registering the dog, the owner will have to order a personal PetID for the pet and link it to its registration. This PetID can be attached to the pet’s collar.

“The app is extremely easy to use. If you find a lost pet, just turn on your PetFinder Global app and the animal will be identified. The app then enables you to contact the owner directly,” Monika Laneman explains.

This application is unique in its use as it provides a global approach and usability. It doesn’t matter the country of origin of the pet or the country that you are in. If the dog is registered on the global platform it can be identified anywhere in the world. The owner of the pet can also opt to include information about vaccination records, flea and tick treatment dates. The app will remind the owner when these dates are due.

Originally, this application was tested with the use of GPS. However, this did not function well as it was too large, heavy and did not provide long-lasting battery options. To improve this, the team developed the PetID concept with iBeacon technology. With this solution, allows people to identify the pet within a 50-meter radius. Moreover, it is a light solution and provides a one-year lasting battery.

This app offers a solution for a problem that many pet owner face on a daily basis. Furthermore, it offers a solution for a big fear faced by pet owners. However to enable successful of the PetID app it also needs to be downloaded by the person that found the pet. Only then, the pet finder is able to communicate with the pet owner and arrange a form of bringing the pet back. In case that the pet finder does not download or visit the website to identify the dog, it will not be possible to bring the pet back.