In an ideal world, you would receive the latest news based on your current location. Well, it seems that the startup Like No Other has made this ideal world happen. The company is about to pilot OtherWorld news service in Manchester.


OtherWorld is an innovative new service which provides location-based news to people’s mobile phones. The stories appear where they are happening and can also be updated in real-time.The startup Like No Other has created this news service after receiving funding from Google’s Digital News Initiative.

This concept is truly innovative as it makes use of Google Eddystone and does not need the use of an app. OtherWorld will create fluid news stories for fluid communities – passerby, residents, tourists, charities, and businesses. All of this is possible without the receiver having to install an app on their mobile phone.

As it has been said by Stuart Goulden, the Lead Consultant at Like No Other:

“We’re excited to put our concept of ‘living media’ to the test and provide an accompanying real-world experience to digital news.

Many sectors have woken up to the potential of beacons and are doing some interesting things in the space, however, it’s relatively uncharted territory in news. We think it’s a potential game-changer.”

Innovation Provided by OtherWorld

With this concept, OtherWorld hopes to approach news creation and distribution in a different way. It aims to help new audiences to discover the news on their doorstep and to act on the stories they read. Moreover, it also aims to bring change in news organisations too. It promises to provide an escape from the treadmill of daily news cycles. Most importantly, it provides and distributes the news right to the location they happen.

Receiving news based on your location seems like something of a distant future. However, this concept makes it possible. Imagine receiving the latest news and being informed of what is happening in your closest surroundings. OtherWorld makes it possible to always keep people informed. This concept might be a bit surreal at first. However, the possibilities are endless as it can provide the latest news based on your location.