There are over 300 bikes at the NASA’s Johnson Space Center campus which are available for NASA personnel to use for free. The campus has about 3,000 employees, 12,00 contractors and many others trying to navigate the area. Thanks to Estimote’s beacons, Raspberry Pis at buildings and these bikes, they now have a more efficient way.

Employees can now log into an easy-to-use website called BikeJSC and view the real-time locations of the bikes. When the Estimote beacons are within the vicinity of the Pis, the website will know that the associated bike is outside the building. It updates roughly every 30 seconds so there is only a short delay. It’s an interesting, and fairly straight-forward, BLE asset tracking project at one of the most famous scientific centers in the world. All that said, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that BLE can add a lot of value to asset tracking projects.

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