The IoT has been changing the retail industry in the past two years. It has helped retailers to improve the customer experience, increase revenue and make shopping intelligent.

The Indian based digital publishing startup Interaction One is making a headstart in IoT deployment in India. The company has recently launched Mobmerry.

What is Mobmerry?

Mobmerry provides the opportunity to create a better connection between online to offline (O2O). The app created by this startup helps customers to discover lifestyle products based on their taste and preferences from brick and mortar stores in their city.

The app connects retailers to consumers. It does this by offering an opportunity for product discovery, real-time notifications of new products, deals and discounts in the consumer’s immediate area. This is all enabled due to the use of beacon technology. The brain behind Interaction One, Krishna Prasad undoubtedly saw a big gap emerging between brick and mortar shops and online commerce websites. Clearly, the founder spends a good amount of time trying to find the right technology for India’s retail industry. The use of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons and an app simplifies this connection.

The Use of Mobmerry

Mobmerry is an app that enables customers to discover and purchase lifestyle products from retailers. The app offers an overview of the offer of the multiple offline retailers in an easy manner.

Moreover, the app makes use of preferences algorithms. This ultimately leads to the smart discovery of products based on the customer’s preferences. In fact, this can create a significant connection between the consumers and the merchants. The app can use the consumer’s retail and dining liking to connect them to merchants. Consequently, this provides the customer with a more personalized experience increasing overall consumer experience.

Besides, retailers can also use the beacon technology to ping promotional messages to the customer’s smartphone. Furthermore, this will lead to an increased awareness by part of the consumer of the promotions and discounts at their favorite stores. Ultimately, this is also profitable for the retailer as they are able to gather data about their consumers. Retailers will be able to gain information on the time spent at certain locations, busiest days of the week and the number of people that walk in per day.

Prasad has deployed over 1000 beacons across Bengaluru city, making it one of the largest beacon deployments in India. There are 30 stores that onboard in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Furthermore, the app will also deploy over 300 beacons across the center to enhance shopping experiences.

The use of this app and the deployment of beacons is a beginning of a bright future of Mobmerry. The company plans to expand its use of beacon technology over the coming months. Expanding into wearables.