Early next year at London’s Mayfair, there will be a fashion Disneyland of sorts. While the new Matchesfashion.com store will not have fixed rails, shelves or cash desks, they will have private shopping suites, trunk shows, designer dinners, iPads with clothing suggestions, and stock that changes almost every week.
If customers download the Matches app, they can also receive notifications on what to buy. This interaction is thanks to in-store beacons. It links back to their previous purchases and browsing history. Linking the online with the real world is a key part of the goal behind launching the new store. While the majority of their business is online, according to the co-founder, Tom Chapman, “we know the more touch points a customer has with us, the higher their level of engagement and the higher the retention rate”. Reaching people in-store is yet another touch-point. As is, of course, the press that an innovative new store launch receives. The press increases their branding as a high-fashion and high-creativity retailer.
While we have noticed a lot of other sectors getting in on the beacon action recently, it’s great to see another major retailer have a use case for beacons. Beacons playing an integral role in a store designed to be a unique and technologically advanced way to shop says a lot about the technology still providing an innovative edge for retailers.
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