Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) started a partnership with the creative digital Mando. Together they have created a money-saving cross-platform for the university’s students. The creation of this app involved the use of iBeacons.

Using iBeacons for Students

Initially, these partners started a trial of the app at the University during July 2016. This trial lasted for six weeks and involved the deploying beacons at the on-campus cafes. As students passed by the cafes, they would receive push messages providing them with information on offers and savings. Students would then receive a code that they could present at the checkout of the on-campus cafes.

During the trial, this app was very popular. Students saw it as a way of saving money and still enjoy a coffee on campus without major effort. In fact, the app was downloaded by hundreds of students. The technology enabled students to be reached within a 50 meters range. Moreover, due to the use of the app, the LJMU was also able to analyze the data. This provided the university with insight on the type of offers that mostly attracted the students and where and when the students came in contact with iBeacons.

Further Use of iBeacons at LJMU

The trial with the discounts for students was so successful that the LJMU made use of this technology during an open day. In fact, the app was used as a form of support during the University’s Open Day.

As said by Mandy Phillips, Head of Corporate Business Change Initiatives at LJMU:

“We’re really pleased with how the proof of concept went. It was very important to us to first trial the technology in a real-world situation and get some firm results to enable us to get more investment and a larger-scale roll-out. We’re delighted to be working with Mando on this exciting project which will continue to position both of our organizations as innovators.”

The use of iBeacons was such a good experience at the LJMU, that they are already working on the next phase of the project with Mando.
The use of iBeacons, in this case, shows that innovation can help along the development at Universities. In fact, the use of technology as iBeacons helps the University to reach their students. This is especially important as students are frequent users of mobile devices. The popularity of the app showed that it is an effective way to reach this target audience. Furthermore, this also enables the University to become more innovative in its ways to reach the target audience.