Lighthouse, a Bulgarian-based app company, has introduced the first interactive city guide app. This travel app provides successful integration of proximity technology. Users can make use of this app to get information on everything that is happening around them during their vacation.

An Innovative Use of Beacons

The Lighthouse app brings tourism to the next level by implementing this relatively new technology. The app enables visitors to get real-time information when they are visiting a city. The company has successfully installed beacons in both Varna and Burgas Fraport International Airports in Bulgaria.

Moreover, they have also installed beacons on big monuments such as The Roman Baths in Varna and The Palace of the Queen in Balchik. By making use of beacons in these locations they allow them to “speak”. Visitors are able to get more information as they pass through these locations. The tourist can, therefore, gain a better understanding of the history of the monument. All the information of this monument will be given on the tourist’s mobile device.

Lighthouse is an innovative project. The use of this mobile application can be seen as a method of helping the local economy. Furthermore, the use of this application also enables small and medium sized companies to get closer to the tourist.

Constant and Updated Information

The use of the lighthouse app enables the tourist to have access to constant and updated information. The tourist will be able to access to all the information about the city on their mobile device. By using the app, the user gains access to highly contextual, hyper-local and meaningful messages. In fact, this will help the tourist discover the interesting places around them.

The use of this application offers the tourist different services. In addition to information about monuments, tourists can also access more information. Tourists can get relevant local information and also information about shopping. Furthermore, this app is user-friendly. Users can easily find the information they need on the application.

Lighthouse offers innovative features to the user/tourist. Nevertheless, it might still take a long period of time until users globally adopt this app as their to go to city guide. Moreover, to enable the use of this application on a global basis many cities need to invest in the use of beacons. The Lighthouse app’s team is currently investing in a free beacon infrastructure on small and big monuments, to help the city of Varna to get a good head start for the summer season.