Indoor navigation can often be a problem for visitors when entering large indoor spaces. Particularly navigation through a large shopping mall, museum or other large buildings. Visitors can often get lost or frustrated by the fact that they are not able to find their way easily. Well, In-Nav, founded byMustafa Almusawa Alhashemi pictured above, came up with a solution for visitors. The company has created a mobile application that offers a solution to this problem.

In-Nav Mobile Application

The In-Nav mobile application is one that functions in any large venue. Moreover, this system is integrated due to the use of an SDK and API with some of the leading positioning technologies available. This system has been designed in a modular and flexible manner. Therefore, it offers the possibility to be integrated with many other positioning technologies.

The initiative of this mobile application was launched by the United Arab Emirates-based startup Smart Navigation System. In fact, they have created this solution as an internet based service with two client interfaces:

  1. Mobile device consumer based application: for positioning, wayfinding, and information
  2. Control panel application for the venue and shop owners: for content management of their venue, facilities, shops, products and the related information. Moreover, it can also be used to assess the analytical data and information about the visitor’s behavior

Ultimately, the aim of this mobile application is to solve indoor navigation problems by providing the user with an intelligent indoor navigation system. This system, helps the user to easily identify their current position and the best route.  Furthermore, the user has the option to be navigated to its end destination with voice guided navigation. In fact, the user will be guided through the venue and receive information as they go. The information provided by the mobile application is based on the user’s interests. This makes the information received very specific and valuable for the user.

The Use of In-Nav Application

The In-Nav mobile application can be used on both IOS and Android. This makes a suitable application for different users. Furthermore, the innovative platform and application provide its users with unique smart specification and functionality solutions.

Examples of a few of the provided solutions by the mobile application are:

  • A solution that works in any type of venue in the world
  • 2D & 3D map
  • Search functionality in the mobile app by venue, type, category, facilities, brands, and products
  • Configurable without coding
  • Venue administration manages content, maps, users and privileges from the control panel

This mobile application provides a great solution for the indoor navigation in large venues. This can be a good option for companies with large buildings or venues in where visitors get lost often. Furthermore, the use of this mobile application can be a matter of getting used to by part of the visitor. But, in the end, it brings long many advantages for both the visitor as the venue. Think of all the time that will be spared by both parties with the use of this application. Visitors won’t need to ask for directions and employees can be more focused on their work.

The use of this mobile application might take a while to catch on. However, the mobile application shows a lot of potential.