In the past few years, many things have changed when it comes to booking your hotel stay. However, many hotels have not altered their check-in process. Despite the fact that many guests booked their hotel with the use of their mobile device, they were not yet able to use it in the check-in process. The online hotel specialist HRS wanted to bring a change in this.

Doing Your Check-in With Your Mobile Device

The online hotel specialist HRS has introduced a new feature to its mobile application. This feature has been introduced as Smarthotel technology. With the introduction of this feature, HRS wants to enable the hotel’s guests to do their check-in with the use of their mobile device.

Furthermore, the mobile application works due to the use of beacons. The beacons enable guests to do their check-in and check-out by themselves.

The beacons are placed around the hotel’s reception and lobby area. These beacons, register the guest’s arrival, checks them in and ensures that their preferences are catered for. With the implementation of this feature, HRS is making the guest’s stay easier. The guest doesn’t need to lose much time during the check-in and check-out process. Instead, the guest can rapidly be checked in with the use of beacons and quickly start enjoying its stay at the hotel. Furthermore, this is beneficial for both the hotel and the guest. For the hotel, this means that they will need less staff to do the check-in’s and instead the staff can focus on other matters. However, for the guest, this will add to his/her experience. The guest will experience less trouble during the check-in and out process and rapidly go its room and start its vacation.

The Smarthotel service is currently available in 300 hotels and is based on technology from Conichi. Furthermore, HRS hopes that they will be able to expand the features of this service in the near future. In fact, the company hopes that guests will also be able to make use of this application as a key for the room.