The Dutch retail store House of Blue Jeans located in Zoetermeer has embraced the use of new technologies. The owner of the store, Michael Hauser believes that the use of the newest technologies is the key to optimize the services provided to its customers. According to him, the use of technology can be seen as the key to compete against online competitors and improve customer experience in the store.

House of Blue Jeans Technology Use

Buyers in the Netherlands are very advanced in their use of technology. Citizens in the Netherlands make extensive use of online shopping, self-scanners for doing grocery shopping and ordering food with the use of tablets, and much more. Therefore, it is not surprising that Tofugear, a HongKong based company chose to work with the House of Blue Jeans in Zoetermeer.

The House of Blue Jeans has become the demo store of this tech brand. The store in Zoetermeer has become a way of Tofugear to show its potential customers and customers how they can make use of technology to improve the in-store experience. The store makes use of different technologies to provide a unique customer experience.

Customers are able to view clothing pieces on automatically provided 360-degree pictures. This is made possible by putting a clothing piece on a wooden box next to the mirror. This is made possible due to the use of RFID-technology. Every clothing piece in the stores has a label with a QR-code. After scanning the code, the moving image of the clothing piece appears in the mirror. Customers can then turn the image and receive suggestions for clothing combinations.

The Use of iBeacon Technology

To enhance the service, the store also makes use of ibeacon technology. Due to the use of ibeacons, the system is able to recognize who is in front of the mirror in the fitting room. However, to make this possible the customer needs to have the House of Blue Jeans app on its smartphone.

The use of ibeacon technology makes it possible for the store owner to know the previous purchase history of the customer, their preferences and how they drink their coffee. This provides the owner to provide its customers with a better service and ultimately provide them with a unique shopping experience.

The combination of the different technologies at the House of Blue Jeans provides a unique experience to the customer. Furthermore, the use of ibeacon technology provides the owner of the store to give customers a unique experience and compete against online retail. Customers are able to feel more at home in the brand’s store and feel appreciated due to the customized care.