The Guru app, is one that relies on the use of beacon technology to serve museum visitors. This app can be used to provide visitors with content and track the visitors during their visit. The use of this technology provides museums to have the chance to get a better understanding of how people want to explore their collections.

Guru App

The founder of the Guru app, Paul Burke came up with the idea of this app during a trip to Rome with his niece and nephew. During a guided tour of the Colosseum, he saw that his niece and nephew preferred to make use of their phone to search for information instead of listening to the Colosseum curator. The founder quickly realized that young museum visitor could benefit from the use of technology in a museum. Furthermore, he realized that by bringing technology into the 21st century in the museum would benefit both the visitor and the museums itself.

The Guru app, provide the opportunity to museums to get more information about its visitors and attract the younger generations. Younger generations experience technology differently than their parents. Therefore, when listening to a normal guided tour they often miss the ability to have a visual of the story that is being told. With the use of technology, visitors get the possibility to watch a video during their tour. This adds to the experience of visiting a museum and works as a method to attract the younger generation.

How it Works

The Guru app relies on the use of beacon technology. This platform integrates a selection of digital services that help to bring the storytelling experience to life. The use of the beacon technology brings along the opportunity to add to the experience provided to the visitor. Furthermore, it also enables the museum to get more information about its visitors. With the use of this app, the museum can track the path taken by the visitor. Museums can, therefore, get an understanding of how people explore their collections. This provides museums with accurate information about its most popular collections, the time spent by visitors at these collections and it also gives information on how individuals move from one exhibition to the other.

This app is a good opportunity to see how the world is changing. The new generation reacts differently to a museum visit and has different needs when it comes to technology. The use of beacon technology is one that can provide museums the opportunity to connect with this younger generation. Furthermore, it should also provide them the opportunity to increase the experience provided to younger visitors. Ultimately, this should make museums a more pleasant place for the younger generation and increase their interest in visiting museums.

Currently, there are already many museums that have implemented the use of beacon technology to enhance the experience. Want to know more? Read here.