Tourists and locals can now have more digitally interactive visits to a number of sites in the Italian city of Ferrara thanks to a new project using beacons called Ferrara “smart”. Using a new app designed by the start-up of Modena Smart-Factory, tourists can see on-site information including multimedia like podcasts and videos. The hardware deployment isn’t huge – only about 20 beacons – but no more beacons were needed to cover the main sites along this particular route because they chose beacons had a big enough range to reach people nearby.

Once visitors download the app and are within a maximum range of 60 meters, you can get generic info and more interesting insights depending on how much you want to know about that particular historical site. The beacons are placed along a “Rossoneri route” that celebrates the 500 years anniversary of an architect by the same name who lived in the city.

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