Businesses in the city of Danville are now making use of the Distrx App. This nationwide app allows businesses to generate business through the use of this app. Businesses are able to enjoy the perks of this mobile application in exchange for a fee.

The Use of the Distrx App

By making use of the Distrx app, businesses are able to provide the users of the app with information and special offers. Users who come in proximity to their stores will receive special offers. With the use of the app, businesses in the downtown of Danville are able to reach their customers in a more modern way. Furthermore, they are able to present users with last minute special offers and up to date information.

As said by Nick Wade, Director of Heart of Danville Main Street Program:

“I think it’s a great thing to bring us into the 21st century, to tap into that mobile technology market. I encourage everyone to download it; it’s going to be a great thing for downtown.”

Furthermore, one of the advantages of the Distrx app is that it functions on a nationwide scale. Therefore, the user does not need to download an application that can only be used in Danville. As said by Nick Wade, Director of Heart of Danville Main Street Program:

“The app is available nationwide, which is one of the things that was a draw for me — that it is not specific to Danville. We don’t have to tell our visitor, ‘You need to download our app … Someone can download (Distrx) and use it, and then they can go to Wyoming and be able to use it there as well. To me, that was a big draw, and I know for people on our board, that was a big draw as well.¨

How the Distrx App Works

For $120 a year, businesses, restaurants and other organizations can be included into the Distrx network. To enable the app to work, the businesses will receive an iBeacon. This small transmitter will send signals to the user’s app when they are near the location. Furthermore, this will provide the business owner the opportunity to offer them discounts, share details about the location and other needed information. Besides being able to send the user messages, the participating businesses will also receive notice on the app’s map. In fact, the business will be marked with a red pin at their location on the app’s map.

Furthermore, the app will also include options for downtown parking locations, attractions in town and an event section. The upcoming events of Danville will automatically be added to the app and other eventñs can be included as well. Distrx also hopes to add new features to the app in the near future. The app developer is planning to add a walking tour feature. This will then enable users to receive information about the historic buildings of the city, audio files, video, and photos.

The use of the Distrx app in downtown Danville will enable business owners to interact with its customers and provide them with essential information. There are already great examples of the use of beacons in the retail and tourism industry. Furthermore, with the use of the Distrx app the local government of Danville will be able to help local businesses. Also, with the addition of the walking tour feature they will provide tourists with more information about the city. Beacons have recently been used for a similar purpose in the city of Concord.