The Concord Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) has just released an app that is aimed to improve the Downtown Concord experience. With the introduction of an interactive app, the CDDC hopes to provide their visitors with a better experience. Furthermore, the highlight of this app is that it provides the user the opportunity to do a self-guided historic walking tour of Downtown Concord.

Downtown Concord History Tour App

The CDDC installed beacons at the over fifty sites in the immediate Downtown area. This area will make use of Bluetooth technology to create an interactive tour. Users will need to enable the Bluetooth feature on their mobile device to receive the self-guided walking tour communication.

Users will receive information on their mobile devices. In fact, this will include the history of a particular building and the accompanying images of it. Besides providing the user with information about the history of the building it will also provide information about the current businesses that occupy the buildings.

Features of the Downtown Concord History Tour App

This app is a co-sponsored venture of the City of Concord, Historic Cabarrus Association Concord Museum, Residents of Historic Concord and the CDDC. Furthermore, the local historian and former Concord City Councilman Jim Ramseur also compiled the historic photographs and written histories for all walking tour sites. Therefore, users will be provided with the most accurate information about the buildings during the interactive tour.

In addition to the walking tour, the app also provides a directory of downtown shops, eateries, galleries, and gardenings. Furthermore, it also provides the user with information about upcoming special events and basic visitor information such as parking options. Besides this, the app will also help to further promote Downtown Concord as a touristic destination.

According to Diane Young, CDDC Executive Director:

“We anticipate the app will be successful in conveying to visitors the diversity of amenities and experiences found in Downtown Concord, while at the same time providing valuable information to local residents looking for a professional service, a special purchase, or a fun-filled weekend.”

The introduction of the Downtown Concord app is a great addition for the visitors. By making use of the application they will be able to do the historic tour at their own pace. Ultimately, this will enable the visitor to get the information that they are interested in and visit the sites that are mostly linked to their personal interests. In fact, this might ultimately lead to making the tour more interesting for visitors. Furthermore, the app can also be a great tool for visitors as they are able to have access to more information. The Concord Downtown NC app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.