Conichi, is a german hotel app company that makes use of BLE beacons. The company was founded in 2013 and entered the hospitality space with technology that helps recognize guests and regular visitors to hotels.

The company makes use of beacons around the property that simplify the process to guests.

The use of Conichi in Hospitality

To make the mobile application function properly, the company places beacons around the hotel property. These beacons enable the guests to check in and out faster. This is made possible as the data from their BLE enabled phones will transmit the necessary data to the hotel staff. In fact, the hotel staff will be notified of who is arriving or leaving. This makes the process very convenient to the hotel guests.

Besides simplifying the check-in and out process, guests can also make use of the technology to unlock their rooms. The room can be unlocked with the use of their mobile device. This eliminates the need to key cars and most importantly a guest won’t forget its card easily.

In addition to these features, the mobile application also allows the guest to do mobile payments. The guest is able to make secure payments via the app. Furthermore, the expenses can be distinguished between work and private expenses.

The mobile application offers a fast and seamless process to the guest. Guests are able to enter and leave a hotel more easily.

The use of Conichi eliminates the waiting times for the guests. In fact, it makes it more convenient to the guest and the hotel staff.