Blupath is a young company that is currently operating out of Slovenia and Cyprus. The company focuses on providing solutions and services for the cultural, tourism and outdoor markets. The company does this with the use of cutting edge technology. This allows the company to provide accessible solutions that can provide the right solutions for its customers.

Meet Blupath

Blupath offers a platform that can be used as a do-it-yourself service. The platform can be used as a web based content management system for physical-web visitors engagement. The use of the Blupath platform enables users to communicate with individuals based on their position. This can be done for both an indoor and outdoor location. Furthermore, to enable this the platform makes use of Bluetooth beacons and RFID touch points. The use of these technologies provides the possibility to communicate with individuals based on location.

The platform has been designed to cover the needs of the cultural, tourism and outdoors market. This allows the user to control what and how they want to communicate with its customer. Due to the flexible combination of technologies and tools the platform allows the user to build dynamic and engaging communication portals. This can be done within the location that the user manages. Furthermore, the user can customize this based on its particular needs and budget.

The Use of the Blupath Platform in a Sculpture Park

One of the projects in which the Blupath platform is being used is in the Sculpture Park in the Limassol city promenade. This location is an open air art museum located in the heart of this Mediterranean city. In the park, visitors can find 17 modern art sculptures in an open air view. All these sculptures were created by renowned international artists during 3 sculptural symposia that took place in 1999, 2000 and 2001. In fact, these sculptures have become a living, recognizable feature of the coastal landscape.

In 2016, the idea came to install an outdoor digital information access system within the park. This provides visitors with the opportunity to discover the history of each art piece in the park. The use of Eddystone beacons and NFC enabled devices the made the existence of this project possible. Furthermore, the choice of these technologies was also a good choice from an aesthetic point of view.

With the use of this technology, visitors are able to have access to all the information about the various sculptures. Furthermore, they can also access information about the artists. These allow visitors to have a better insight on the art piece and have access to more information that was previously unavailable. Visitors are now able to have access to photographic material of the artist during the construction phase of the artwork. Furthermore, the visitor can also access descriptive written material that has been prepared for each art piece by the city cultural services. Ultimately, there are also recorded interviews of the artists available. This enables the visitor to listen to the explanation of their vision of the sculpture. This provides the visitor the opportunity to have a better understanding of the piece of art and its history. The use of the Bluepath platform has enabled the creation of a digital guide with audio visual and text information. The visitor can have access to all this information on its mobile device. Furthermore, the information is available in both English and Greek.

Importantly, the use of this solution also keeps the maintenance and upkeep costs low for the municipality. This is an important factor as it was important to keep the costs low due to the high threat of vandalism in the park. The implementation of Blupath for this purpose shows the multiple uses for this technologies. Furthermore, it can also be seen as a great solution for cities to enable tourists to gain more information about local art expositions.