Benidorm, Spain has launched a network of beacons. They should help build it’s reputation as a smart city destination. The beacons are for a new app called Visit Benidorm. The app was built by Appcadia and Turiskopio and MOCA’s platform allowed the proximity functionality. App managers can interact with tourists via beacons and see information on their behaviors to improve future interactions. Experiences are delivered offline via goefencing and beacons because tourists may have trouble with data and public WiFi.

For a number of smart city initiatives, Beacons have become a cornerstone for interacting with citizens and tourists alike. For example, Piacenza Italy’s beacons are used to help interact with tourists as well. The ability to engage users at the right time and place is invaluable to cities that want to launch apps with high interaction rates.

Read more about the initiative in Benidorm on beacon initiative in Benidorm on MOCA’s blog.

The app is available for free on IOS and Android.