The UK-based Cancer Research Charity made use of Devicescape Engage’s Wi-Fi Beacon technology and network to create better engagement with participants. A WiFi network was used to interact with users in a similar way as Bluetooth beacons. It makes use of existing Wi-Fi networks to send smartphone-based campaigns. Users need to have WiFi turned on to get the interaction. Here, it enabled donations by participants with a smartphone. This is crucial as contactless payments are on the rise for small payments. The charity was able to see a 9% click rate increase on their campaign pages.

WiFi beacons are not as flexible as Bluetooth beacon interactions with apps. It is also significantly more expensive to set up a WiFi network than Bluetooth beacons as you not only need the WiFi hardware but need to pay a monthly fee. However, for companies that already have WiFi installed or are looking to install it anyway, it is definitely worth some consideration. Users do not need to have an app installed or Bluetooth turned on.

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