After downloading the Artplace Museum app on either Android or Apple phones and turning Bluetooth on, visitors can check out the castle with a free virtual tour. There is an audio guide available plus different types of content and info about the 1000 years of history and architecture of the castle. The Formigine team is also looking to connect 3D graphics, illustrations, narratives, and music in December. As an added bonus, touchscreen display related to the project display also lets visitors animate their own fairytale.

One takeaway here is that they are launching the project in stages, which allows them to launch quicker, build excitement at each step of the way and test out different aspects of the project. Also, the app they are using, Artplace Museum, was not built just for the Formigine castle. Using a central app like Artplace Museum is a great way for museums to utilize beacon technology without having to go through the process of building their own app. All in all, after a 10-year restoration project, this initiative is a great way to bring the castle into the 21st century.

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