Nick Lee, living in New York has been taken advantage of Beacon technology to live in the future. This tech lover has been making use of beacons and apps to simplify his life. In fact, he has been able to create an automated morning routine by placing iBeacons on his way to work.

Living in the Future

Before he leaves his apartment in the morning, an Uber is automatically called. The office destination has already been pre configured. Nick Lee, has created an automated morning routine in such a way that the technology takes charge of doing everything. Once the Uber passes an iBeacon near a Starbucks, his coffee order is automatically placed with the use of the Starbucks app. Once he arrives at the Starbucks location, he can easily pick up his coffee and go to work.

The CTO at Tendigi, a mobile development firm has applied his knowledge to automate his morning routine. Furthermore, to make this possible he made use of the public API provided by Uber and Beacon detection. The Beacon can just trigger calls into the Uber API and place an order. However, to automate the Starbucks order it has been a little bit trickier. To make this possible, Lee had to reverse engineer the Starbucks app. This enabled him to create automation For this Lee released a node.js on Github that can be used to place orders through the Starbucks ordering API.

Despite the fact that is an example of the Beacon technology by an individual, it provides a good idea of how the future can work with the use of Beacon technology. This provides an example of what we can see more often in the near future.