Telenor Norway has started a partnership with public transport authority Ruter in Oslo and Akershus. With this partnership, both companies want to initiate a trial with beacon technology to improve customer communication.

Improving Customer Communication

The aim of this partnership is to offer a possibility to improve customer communication. To enable this partnership the companies will deploy beacons at the Lysaker bus stop and Telenor Fornebu. The use of beacons will enable the customers to communicate with the transport company whiles still on route.

In fact, the Telenor employees traveling on bus routes will receive questions triggered by beacons.

According to Christine Presterud, Market Analyst at Ruter, beacon technology could replace the use of email surveys. In fact, this would reduce the need for Ruter’s employees to conduct passenger research. Furthermore, the main aim of this project is to gain better insight on how to communicate with customers in real time.

This partnership can show another use of the beacon technology. Furthermore, it also provides a new insight and ideas on how companies can improve customer communication. The use of real-time communication helps the customer to feel satisfied. In fact, not only will this be able to satisfy the customer but at the same time, it will provide the company with valuable data. Moreover, as this is done real time it might increase the amount of feedback and information provided by customers.