JCDecaux is a leading outdoor advertising company. This French company is present in more than 75 countries and has over 50 years of experience. The company’s latest form of advertising makes use of beacon technology. This campaign was developed for the fashion and accessories brand Coach.

JCDecaux x Coach Campaign

JCDecaux and Coach debuted a new campaign at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). With this campaign, the companies introduced a new online to offline (O2O) technology to make engagement with passengers possible. The campaign for the Coach 1941 collection was set up in the arrivals hall at HKIA. The 1941 collection aimed to commemorate Coach’s 75th anniversary of the brand’s existence. Therefore, this special celebration required a special type of campaign.

Passengers at HKIA were able to see the campaign as they stepped off the aircraft. The campaign was set up in the baggage hall, greeting hall and central ramps. During this campaign, passengers had the possibility to win a signature handbag if they shared any pictures of the Coach advertising by making use of social media platforms. To win the campaign, passengers needed to share a picture using the #CoachPreFall2016.

Beacon Technology and Passenger Engagement

However, by making use of beacon technology the passengers can go a step further in the engagement with the brand. For these passengers needed to have Bluetooth activated and WeChat App pre-installed on their smartphones. The beacon transmitters that were placed inside the advertising lightboxes would then communicate with passengers. In fact, the use of this technology enabled the possibility to communicate with passenger’s smartphones and walk them through the campaign step by step.

According to JCDecaux Transport Managing Director Shirley Chan:

“JCDecaux Transport is committed to developing interactive and innovative media solutions and let brands better engage with their target audience at the airport. With the success of this pioneer project, we are going to deploy the state-of-the-art beacon technology to the entire Hong Kong International Airport advertising platform, and in due course, more sophisticated O2O and interactive advertising campaigns can be facilitated.”

The use of beacon technology during this campaign is a great example how companies can enhance their engagement with customers. This case study provides a great example of how companies can connect the online and offline environment. Furthermore, it also provides great ideas on how to make the experience of customers more unique with engagement.