There’s a new technology on the market to help parents and caretakers keep kids safe. Backseet Buddy was developed and patented by Registered Nurse Maria Striemer. It includes a mobile app and car seat technology that will send push notifications to remind people that a child is traveling with them. The goal is to prevent people from leaving kids in a hot car.

As a nurse, the inventor saw a serious injury to a child that was left in a hot car. According to her, these incidents have led to neurological disorders and even death.

The device she created fits in car seats and utilizes iBeacons to trigger these notifications on phones and smart watches when someone walks away from the car within 45 to 60 seconds. It will keep repeating every minute until cleared. It works even if the app is not launched, does not require any pairing, plus it is only powered when a child is actually in the seat. This lets it be powered for years.

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