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What the new Raspberry Pi means for BLE asset tracking

As some of our followers might know, the noteacons TRACK team is working with Rasberry Pis to track BLE tagged assets and people who are carrying a Bluetooth beacon. Pis are just one of the asset tracking hardware options we have available. As they are not designed specifically for asset tracking, Raspberry Pis have their share of limitations. They are not built for anything close to reliable triangulation and are better used for projects that just need predefined zones or knowing when someone or something is entering or exiting. That said, with the flexibility of using Pis on the hardware side,...

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Bluetooth asset tracking with Bosch

Bosch entered an open pilot phase with a Bluetooth tracking tag, dashboard and app. We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks great. You can register tools, people, etc. and associate Bluetooth beacons with them. When a user’s Android or iOS phone with their app is within the vicinity of the Bluetooth beacon, you can get an update on the dashboard with relevant information. The beacons they are selling along with this tool have a range of about 30 meters. While the system seems well-designed, it remains to be seen how it looks in implementations with a limited amount of...

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The town of Holywell launches BLE beacon trail app

Launched in December 2017, 10 beacons across Holywell, Wales, can trigger information about nearby interesting sites. The beacons work with an app available for free on the Google Play or iTunes store. Users can follow a set trail to discover interesting tidbits on the area. Within the app, users can see old photos, legends and even take part in some family-friendly activities. The local Town Council received funding for the project from rural development agency, Cadwyn Clwyd. While they are only using a few beacons for the project, the app makes use GPS as well to give relevant local information....

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NASA’s Johnson Space Center bike tracking system with beacons

There are over 300 bikes at the NASA’s Johnson Space Center campus which are available for NASA personnel to use for free. The campus has about 3,000 employees, 12,00 contractors and many others trying to navigate the area. Thanks to Estimote’s beacons, Raspberry Pis at buildings and these bikes, they now have a more efficient way. Employees can now log into an easy-to-use website called BikeJSC and view the real-time locations of the bikes. When the Estimote beacons are within the vicinity of the Pis, the website will know that the associated bike is outside the building. It updates roughly every...

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TAPP Water uses beacons to help save plastic bottles

Thanks to a new Barcelona based start-up called TAPP water, you can now get notifications thanks to a BLE beacon and an app that lets you know when their filters need to be changed based on water consumption. This BLE deployment comes in the second version of their project. Their aim is to save as many bottles as possible and adding more intelligence to their system, to make it easy to know when people need to change the filter on their phone roughly every 3 months, is one great step to making the project more popular. Read more on

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