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Turning Ferrara into a smarter city with beacons

Tourists and locals can now have more digitally interactive visits to a number of sites in the Italian city of Ferrara thanks to a new project using beacons called Ferrara “smart”. Using a new app designed by the start-up of Modena Smart-Factory, tourists can see on-site information including multimedia like podcasts and videos. The hardware deployment isn’t huge – only about 20 beacons – but no more beacons were needed to cover the main sites along this particular route because they chose beacons had a big enough range to reach people nearby. Once visitors download the app and are within a...

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A new game for students in Italy with iBeacons

An innovative application was developed to enrich education at Mirabilandia Park in Ravenna, Italy. An app built for iPads working with iBeacons was presented at a recent conference. It offers a treasure hunt to student groups who each can use an iPad to see the park’s different attractions. The students will be guided by clues and will be asked a series of questions. When the group approaches the first point of interest, they will get a push notification directly to the iPad thanks to a nearby beacon. Students will get scores based on their responses until the time expires and...

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Beacons were used at the G20 summit

This past summer at the G20 Summit in Hamburg beacons were used for indoor positioning. While the event was not the biggest to use beacons, it was certainly one of the most important. The venue was fairly unknown to the attendees who arrived from all over the world so navigating it with an app was especially pertinent for journalists and visitors. Indoora used 250 Kontakt beacons and more than 1,000 people used the app. Thanks to the larger number of beacons, the positioning was quite accurate plus organizers could inform app users about different things based on their location. Thanks...

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Beacons on buses in Luxembourg

The VdL-app of the capital of Luxemburg has a new feature. Only available currently on the iOS version, it can send app users in the city push notifications when they are waiting for buses. The message will let them know about the buses going in that direction. This message can be read aloud which should make life easier for passengers who have vision problems. They are planning to implement this feature on the Android app at the beginning of next year.   Read more on Tageblatt (original article in...

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Port Clinton’s Library is using beacons

Their new app is available for Apple, Android and Amazon smartphones if you search for “Ida Rupp” in the stores. It replaces an old app with better software and features. Users can have their library card available on their phone, renew items, check library events, book a meeting room and opt-in to get iBeacon notifications. If they have a book on hold (which users can also do with the app), and that book is available, as soon as they walk into a building, an iBeacon will trigger a notification. It’s a personalized and highly useful way for libraries to use beacons...

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