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Ted Baker Brings Mannequins to Life With Beacon Technology

Ted Baker is a global fashion retailer. To improve its communication with customers, the brand opted for trial beacon technology in its store in Westfield London White City. The fashion brand opted to install beacons in the store’s mannequins. Beacons in Ted Baker’s Store The fashion brand, Ted Baker installed beacons in its Westfield White City shop in London. The beacons were placed in the store’s mannequins. The beacons were installed in the store’s mannequins to enable communication improvement with customers. By having beacons, the fashion brand is able to communicate with its customers during their in-store shopping journey....

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Hotel Specialist HRS Uses Beacons for Hotel Check-in

In the past few years, many things have changed when it comes to booking your hotel stay. However, many hotels have not altered their check-in process. Despite the fact that many guests booked their hotel with the use of their mobile device, they were not yet able to use it in the check-in process. The online hotel specialist HRS wanted to bring a change in this. Doing Your Check-in With Your Mobile Device The online hotel specialist HRS has introduced a new feature to its mobile application. This feature has been introduced as Smarthotel technology. With the introduction of...

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Smart Ice Cube that Informs Bartender that You Need a New Drink

Can you imagine sitting at the bar and the bartender knows exactly when to refill your glass? Well, this far imagined concept is now made reality due to the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has served as base for the introduction of iBeacon technology. This on its own hand has allowed the developed of this smart ice cube. Smart Ice Cube MARTINI, the world’s leading vermouth, and best sparkling wine maker trialed the MARTINI Smart Cube. The concept behind the invention of the Smart Cube is very simple. When serving the drink, the barman places an...

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Tracko The Real-Time Locating Service

Onyx Beacon offers solutions for how we interact with devices, how we perceive brands, the places we go and how we perceive many aspects of our daily lives. For this reason, the company introduced the Tracko. Tracko is a real time locating service. Tracko: The Real-Time Locating Service The use of Tracko allows users to track their assets on the go. This is made possible due to the use of beacons and mobile technology. Furthermore, this service provides the user the possibility to use it for both indoor and outdoor environments. This is due to the use of an integrated RTLS solution for location intelligence and inventory positioning. By making use of Tracko, users will be able to quickly find their assets. Users can access Tracko, both on the web and on a mobile device. This will provide the user with the latest location information of the asset. This can be of great importance for companies that need to track their assets on a regular basis. Furthermore, the user can access to Tracko from its mobile device. This enables the team and the user to easily receive information without the need to purchase new readers. Tracko makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This enables the possibility for automatic scan and position update. Furthermore, due to the use of this technology the user will be able to receive real time...

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Downtown Danville is Now Making Use of the Distrx App

Businesses in the city of Danville are now making use of the Distrx App. This nationwide app allows businesses to generate business through the use of this app. Businesses are able to enjoy the perks of this mobile application in exchange for a fee. The Use of the Distrx App By making use of the Distrx app, businesses are able to provide the users of the app with information and special offers. Users who come in proximity to their stores will receive special offers. With the use of the app, businesses in the downtown of Danville are able to...

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