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Google Eddystone Explained

Eddystone has been introduced by Google a couple of years ago and was created as a competing technology for the earlier introduced iBeacon that was introduced by Apple. The use of Eddystone enables apps to recognize BLE beacons. In case you wonder about the differences or features of Eddystone, we will explain it further in this article. Google’s Eddystone Unlike iBeacon, Eddystone is an open source standard that uses the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon format. This means that any developer, not just an iOS or Android app developer can use it to pipe location-based content from compatible beacons to...

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MTR Crossrail Uses Beacons to Overcome Tech Hurdles

MTR Crossrail deployed one of Europe’s largest beacon roll-outs across its stations. The company decided to implement the use of beacons to accommodate new audit and driver apps.rossrail This is believed to be one of the biggest deployment of low-powered wireless technology. Using Beacons on Railways The main aim behind the use of beacons by MTR Crossrail is to provide its customers with a highly efficient rail service. In the year of 2014, Transport for London awarded MTR the contract to run the new Crossrail services that connect Reading and Heathrow in the west with Shenfield and Abbey Wood...

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iBeacons Help With Visitor Engagement at Yorkshire Wildlife Park is was founded in 2009 and focuses on developing mobile apps for attractions of all sizes. These apps are developed to help improve the visitor experience. Yorkshire Wildlife Park App The app for the Wildlife Park has been developed to act as a personal guide. The app delivers timely information and fun facts to the visitors and also provides directs with the use of an interactive map. Users of the app can pinpoint their current location and get the needed directions to get to any point of interest across the whole park. The app also shows the visitor...

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Engineerica Systems Introduces the Use of Beacons for Student Tracking

Engineerica Systems is a company that is specialized in building attendance tracking systems for the academic market. Recently, the company announced that they were adding an upgrading feature to AccuCampus. This is the most robust system offered by the company. Institutions can now make use of beacon technology in their locations. This creates new opportunities for data collection and engagement assessment. Improving Tracking Possibilities Engineerica Systems noticed that the institutions involve always had an easier way to track areas such as tutoring centers or study halls. This comes due to the fact that these areas have a central entry...

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City Furniture: Using Beacons to Personalize In-Store Experiences

City Furniture CIO and CFO Steve Wilder has taken a decision to modernize the marketing and advertising techniques of the company. The company wanted to modernize their approach by making use of technology and data collection. Therefore, they have introduced the use of in-store beacons. Beacons in City Furniture Showrooms The main plan of Steve Wilder is to roll out beacons in the company’s showrooms. Furthermore, there is not yet a timeline available for the implementation of beacon technology. But the CIO and CFO of the company wants to be able to pull in data from consumers who have...

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