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Improving Customer Communication With Beacons on Buses in Oslo

Telenor Norway has started a partnership with public transport authority Ruter in Oslo and Akershus. With this partnership, both companies want to initiate a trial with beacon technology to improve customer communication. Improving Customer Communication The aim of this partnership is to offer a possibility to improve customer communication. To enable this partnership the companies will deploy beacons at the Lysaker bus stop and Telenor Fornebu. The use of beacons will enable the customers to communicate with the transport company whiles still on route. In fact, the Telenor employees traveling on bus routes will receive questions triggered by beacons....

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Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) Introduces Bus App to Help Blind Riders

The Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) has partnered up with Sensible Innovations to use AWARE app. This new app aims to help visually impaired bus riders to navigate the Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit Center in Nassau. The Use of AWARE app The use of the AWARE app has been designed to help blind riders to navigate the busiest station of Nassau. NICE has made this possible by installing beacons throughout the Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit Center. Moreover, the beacons communicate with the AWARE app. The use of beacons provide visually impaired bus riders with audible signs to help them navigate...

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Beddit Makes Sleep Measurement Possible With the Use of iBeacons

Sleep is an important factor in everyone’s life. Unfortunately, this is often one that people lose their sleep over. Beddit allows the user to measure its sleep, this provides insight on how the user sleeps. The Importance of Sleep Many scientific studies from researchers have shown that there are harmful effects of sleep deprivation on human health. This can be impacted by high levels of stress, which in its own turn causes weight gain and people to forget things. Therefore, it is not a surprise that many companies have ventured into producing products that can help the consumer to...

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Schlafly Beer US Brewery Uses BLE Beacons on Beer Taps

The US brewery Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, Missouri has installed BLE beacons. The use of this technology is now enabling drinkers to receive information about the beers on their smartphones. BLE Beacons are Providing Drinkers With Information Due to the use of BLE beacons, drinkers can request information about the beer on their smartphone. This makes it easier to access information about special drinks, tasting notes, new beer releases and also to receive customized campaigns. To make the usage of BLE beacons on the beer taps possible, the brewery partnered with Juxtad. This beacon marketing platform company installed...

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The School Bus Application: Giving Parents a Better Sense of Security With Real-Time School Bus Tracking

Parents are often worried about their children and seek ways in which they can feel more reassured about their child’s security. Driven by this concern, the CEO of SNS startup Mustafa Almusawa saw this social need and found the right way to address it. The company’s goal is to make parents feel confident about the security of their children. The School Bus Application The idea behind the school bus application is centered around actual parents’ needs. With this application, the CEO wanted to find a real-time tracking solution for worried parents. As a result, the application is beneficial to...

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