The retail hypermarket Auchan, has been piloting the use of BLE (Bluetooth low energy) beacons since September 2016. The hypermarket has been using this technology at their stores in Kiev to better interact with customers.

Using Beacons at Auchan

Auchan has opted to partner up with the IoT company Leantegra to enable the use of beacons. The hypermarket makes use of beacons to enable customers to receive notifications for wayfinding and promotions as they move through the store.

The hypermarket in Kiev is approximately 31,000 square meters. This is a particularly large store, which makes it a challenge to capture the customer’s attention.With the integration of beacons, Auchan hopes to increase the shopping experience. Moreover, the use of beacons should make it a more personal experience for their customers. In addition, the hypermarket will also be able to gain a better understanding of its customers shopping behavior.

How it Works

Furthermore, the hypermarket has installed over 180 Leantegra WiBeat BLE beacons throughout the store. Auchan, on its own turn offers the customers with its own Android based app. Customers will first have to download the app on their smartphone to enable the use of beacons.

The app will be able to detect the person’s presence at the store as soon as they enter. On its own turn, it will recognize the customer’s identity and location. Based on this two features, it will then forward relevant content to the customer’s phone. Customers, will then be able to view a list of discounted items or offers indicating new products or promotions as they walk through the store.

In addition, customers can also be able to guide themselves with the use of the map. They will be able to click on the “View on the map” and find the aisles or products they desire. Auchan piloting of beacons at the Kiev store will determine the future usage of beacons by the hypermarket. According, to the success of the usage of beacons in this location the hypermarket will determine if they want to expand the usage to other locations.