The American Thoracic Society (ATS) has partnered up with Convention Data Services (CDS) to improve their annual event. For the annual event in 2017, ATS has opted to make use of smart badges. These smart badges are enabled due to the use of beacon technology.

How Beacons Will Improve the Annual Conference of ATS

During the ATS 2017 event, their partner CDS will provide all the 16,000 attendees and exhibitors with smart badges. These smart badges include wireless beacons. Due to the use of beacons, the organization is able to gain more information on the attendees and exhibitors.

In fact, the organization is able to have an insight into the real-time activity during the event. Meaning, that the organization will have insight in session attendance, hall traffic, activity in satellite locations and on the attendee activity and patterns. By having access to this information, ATS is able to optimize its event.

Beacons Help in Future Planning

Moreover, by gaining more information during the ATS 2017 the organization hopes to gain insight on how to improve their events. By making use of the information on this year’s event, they are able to prepare for the upcoming year. Acquired information on this year’s event can help the organization to take certain problems into account. With this information, ATS can understand attendees even better.

The ATS organization can get insight into the activity of the attendees. With this information, the organization can have a better understanding of how attendees are making use of the resources provided at the conference. Moreover, this information will also help with the creation of content for the next year’s event. The organization will have more information on the attendance of visitors and the most popular happenings during the event. In fact, this can also be great for the preparation of the marketing, promotion, and sponsorships for the coming year. The acquired information enables ATS to create better ideas on how to attract and engage with attendees.

The use of beacons at the ATS event provides a good insight on how beacons can be used in this industry. Beacons can help companies in the event industry to better engage with their attendees. Furthermore, it also enables them to gain information that can help them improve their current events.