The weather and digital media company AccuWeather has formed a partnership with Swirl Networks, a mobile presence management, and marketing platform. With this partnership, the companies aim to provide users with real-time weather targeting to indoor mobile location marketing.

Providing Real-Time Weather Notifications

By integrating the AccuWeather’s data set into the Swirl platform, marketers are able to provide users with in-store mobile experiences. These experiences are based on the shopper’s local weather conditions. The use of the Swirl platform enables retailers to make use of indoor location signals. The location signals are picked up from Bluetooth beacons, wi-fi and visible light communication (VLC). This enables the delivery of content on the shopper’s mobile device based on their in-store location.

“Retailers and advertisers are constantly looking for ways to engage with consumers in the most meaningful, relevant ways,” said David Mitchell, VP of digital media for emerging platforms at AccuWeather. “In partnership with Swirl, AccuWeather has combined outdoor weather conditions and indoor location into a powerful new contextual layer for marketers.”

Weather Conditions and Shopper’s Purchase Decision

By integrating the weather data, the marketer can provide tailor the shopper’s in-store experience based on both the weather and indoor location. This partnership was formed, as both companies believed that weather conditions and indoor locations enable the opportunity to communicate with the shopper on another level. As said by Tom Stork, Director Business Development at AccuWeather:

“One of the things we look at at AccuWeather is helping retail brands with weather data,” Stork said. “Weather can be another element in a shopper’s path to purchase. We wanted to bring a contextual, relevant experience and tie it to weather and retail products being sold. It’s taking a blend of where am I and what’s happening to me? That experience informs the user of weather patterns and provides value with an ad, coupon, or content relevant to that person. This is a reality. It’s something that gives any retailer, in my mind, great power and helps with additional sales.”

The integration of weather data into the Swirl platform can bring along many advances for the shopper. This enables the shopper to receive information based on the current outdoor weather and it might remind the shopper to purchase an item needed during the current weather. Furthermore, this can also be of advantage for the retailer itself as this can be the end trigger needed by the shopper to do a certain purchase. Nevertheless, this is a very innovative service to be provided to the shoppers.