The news content on iBeacon Trends is produced primarily by editors Emilio Iarlori and Jordan Frank and designer Alejandra Guevara Vera. Beyond a deep knowledge of the proximity case studies in the marketplace, we are all part of the team that built Noteacons, a proximity software solution. We know the ins and outs of the technical aspects of putting together a proximity project as well as the best practices from case studies.

iBeacon Trends’ parent company is Deveryware. Since it was founded in 2003, Deveryware has provided constant support to the work of security professionals assigned to keep people and goods safe. A real-time geolocation expert, the group designs, develops and sells innovative solutions, in response to the changing needs of the market such as Noteacons.

Our team has offices in 3 locations:

Carrer Tarragona 157, 4 – 08014 Barcelona

43 Rue Taitbout – 75009 Paris

Calle Zurbano 45 – 28010 Madrid

You can contact us by email: or phone: +34 722 484 956

We hope you enjoy the content on the site and would appreciate hearing about your own proximity projects or ideas!